X-10 DS10A Interfacing

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X-10 DS10A Interfacing

#1 Post by nekohunter » Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:22 pm

Is there any way to use the DS10A door/window sensor with a CM19A or CM15A X-10 interface? I've been Googling the subject for most of the evening to no avail. Everything I've read indicates that it is possible with the Linux Mochad utility, but is there any way of doing this with Windows? I have both a CM19A and a CM15A at my disposal and am trying to avoid purchasing a W800RF if it's not necessary. Thanks.

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Re: X-10 DS10A Interfacing

#2 Post by Automate » Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:37 am

The current CM15A plugin can't receive signals from the DS10A. This is because it's built upon a X10 DLL that does not handle "security" switches. The plugin would have to be modified to communicate directly with the CM15A USB port instead of the X10 DLL. Modifying the CM15A plugin in this way is on our wish list but I don't know when it might happen. Besides the W800RF another option may be the RFXCOM. You would need to make sure you get one that operates on 310Mhz if you are in US or Canada.

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