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New plugin suggestion

#1 Post by dbemowsk » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:20 pm

So I used to use OSA a number of years ago and think that it is a great platform, I just wanted to go to smaller hardware and get away from a Windows box running all the time. In my years of integrating and upgrading the automation in my house, and since I stopped using OSA, I have tried a few different automation softwares. Some examples are MisterHouse which I ran from a Raspberry PI, then I ran Domoticz on an Orange Pi since the Raspberry died, and currently I have a Vera Plus controller. Anyways, in the middle of testing all of these platforms, I had found an open source DIY hardware platform called MySensors. It is a great platform with an easy API that I think someone in this community could easily develop and would give OSA another level of usefulness. When I used OSA, one of the things that I loved about it was the fact that it integrated so many different types of automation hardware into one easy to use platform. Heck, you guys still have my RCS-TR40 thermostat plugin available that I coded many years ago when I was still part of the OSA community. I think it is worth it for someone to look into creating a plugin for it. You could also become part of the MySensors forum as an available controller for MySensors

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