Clearing History tables...

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Clearing History tables...

#1 Post by Vaughn » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:10 pm

2.5mb of logs was included in the past few releases, I assumed it was image data, but it was some history tracking tables. I did not see where any procs to clear them where made, so I just added one.

PROCEDURE osae.osae_sp_object_history_clear()
DELETE FROM osae_object_state_history;
DELETE FROM osae_object_state_change_history;
DELETE FROM osae_object_property_history;

There is no API call for it and it is not on any user interfaces in 047, but it is there should you want to purge those tables and I will get it more refined and added to the management menu on the webUI or something.

I have the full 047 DB and installer ready to go, just have to add this to the upgrade script, and write some SQL to delete and remake the Weather object and object_type to get rid of now unused fields, then it will be ready for some test runs.

Good news is the SQL install parts should be faster now, and the overall installer a bit smaller. There was records in there from 2013 =)


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