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lots o fixes

#1 Post by Vaughn » Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:54 am

It is 5AM and I have been coding since I woke up yesterday. I have closed about 8 git issues, and don't like to stop when I am on a roll.

Improvements include:
* Images, now store and display width, height and dpi, so you can better understand the properties of images stored in the DB.
* The export Objects and Scripts on the config page now export in API/SQL, like all the install.sql files do.
* Adding a state Image has been overhauled, and it only enables fields that are valid to make it much simpler.
--- animation options not available unless enough images have been selected
--- slider options only on appropriate objects.
--- Can't set X/Y/Z unless an image is selected, can't select Image 2 if there is no image 1, etc..
* Refresh and Clear options added to all the log pages on Top and Bottom
* Finished the trust_level system (methods and properties).
* The user selector and security have been added to the Screens app.
* Fixed up the Object Alias system to avoid duplicate names/conflicts with object names..
* Shortened most of the debug tracing names in the DB so the stacks are easier to read when troubleshooting.
* fixed a couple reported misc errors.

I think that is about it. I have wanted to give you all fast release times and not make you wait 6 months all the time, so I have been rushing to maybe get 048 out this year still and have 2 updates in a month. I still have lots I would like to see get done though...


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