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046 VR Notes

#1 Post by Vaughn » Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:41 am

Step 1. After running VR.exe Say "This is Vaughn" or "I am Vaughn" (whatever person object you want)

At this point it will load all of the full Grammars, which could take 30 seconds or even much longer if you are on a slow machine. You must wait and be patient because the screen updates are not showing that it is loading the grammars until it is done since they are on a single thread. When done it should show that it is talking to you and that it is sleeping.

Once you see the big list of grammars that it loaded:

Step 2. Say "Computer" until it wakes up and shows that it is listening. (This can be changed on VR object)
* An entire list of phrases can be used to wake the system up. This is in a couple parts.
Under Patterns, there is a VR Wake with a list of phrases (currently just computer, but add a name or whatever here)
Under the VR plugin object, there is a property pointing to VR Wake pattern. So you could change entire sets of Wake Phrases
depending on set conditions. (VR Wake command could be different depending on the Home/Away setting for example...

Step 3. Say "Hello" to test the direct simple patterns.

Step 4. Say "I am in the kitchen", "Where am I", etc to test the advanced grammar

Note: When I upgraded to Windows 10 on my test laptop, it seemed to need me to ReTune the Microphone, in this case turning the boost off. In Windows 10, I recommend searching for the Voice Recorder app, and read a couple commands into it and play them back to here what the computer is having to process and make sure it is not too loud or noisy. (Or go through the whole VR training, I never do so I experience out of the box performance, so this trick helps me to leave the VR untrained, and still tune it.)

I will work on making the app more responsive. It is an ever evolving app that I never stop working on, app #1 with me, so try it out.


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