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Re: Using POST in the REST plugin

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:13 pm
by kherron
The error is not anything visual.
I mean, you don't notice or see it happen.
It just shows up in the Web Server logs.

I am no longer getting them since my changes, so I can't post a copy of the exception, as I have cleared my Web Server log.
But, here is some information I found when I was searching for a resolution.

The error stated that it is happening during the SetTimeout() method of the Masterpage with the following information:

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Session state can only be used when enableSessionState is set to true, either in a configuration file or in the Page directive. Please also make sure that System.Web.SessionStateModule or a custom session state module is included in the <configuration>\<system.web>\<httpModules> section in the application configuration.