Install Notes of OSA 0.4.8, MYSQL, and Z-Stick Gen5

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Install Notes of OSA 0.4.8, MYSQL, and Z-Stick Gen5

#1 Post by jpm1965 » Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:45 pm

As many have noted there is not much info on getting OSA newly installed to work.
Here is my experience, which was not a fun experience, that I hope helps anyone else looking at OSA to have a much smoother process. I won't go in to the details of the horror here. Let's just say the installation and configuration was a week long on and off install / uninstall, try the change, try that change...

My installation went on to an old HP laptop running Windiws 10 that was no longer used and needed a purpose. I did not clean the OS I just took the laptop as is and started the endeavor of home automation software using OSA.

A little about me: I am very savvy when it comes to technology in general. I have coded in C#, System Admin on large domains. built / repaired systems, designed / installed / configured AMX and Crestron systems. And last, but not least, an expert troubleshooter, which was the most needed skill of all. So, what I am trying to get across is that I may be a newbie to OSA I am not when it comes to integration and programming systems.

What did I get working you may ask? So far I have OSA 0.4.8 running with MySQL with Z-Wave, Jabber, and WUnderground configured.

The obvious:
1. Need a computer that can remain on and have the same IP address all the time. I chose an old laptop.
2. A Controller to control devices. I wanted to control Z-Wave devices so I purchased the newer Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Z-Stick, Gen5 (ZW090). There are other options for the control protocol.

3. Download the needed installs:
a. OSA
c. Extra plugins desired (Z-Wave for my needs).
d. Visual Studio. I don't know if the express versions will work since I installed a full version (Explained below).

Installation Steps:
1. Install MySQL. I installed this as a server that runs multiple applications. I did change the instance name from MYSQL5.7 to MYSQL.
2. Install OSA as a server following the instructions in the documentation.
3. Open the MySQL.ini file located in C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\
4. Add "event-scheduler = ON" to the end of the file. (Without the quotes)

This installs the base system. Following the documentation you should now be able to get to the web admin interface.

Installing a plug-in.
OSA installs a tool named OSA Manager. Run this tool.
1. Select plug-ins -> install plug-in.
2. Browse to the file location that you used when you downloaded the plug-in and select the plug-in then click "open".
3. click "Install" on the confirmation dialog that pops up.
4. You will get a windows dialog when the plug-in is installed correctly.
NOTE: The plug-in is not necessarily running after installation.

Configuring and running the plug-in. Specifically the Z-Wave plug-in.
This is where the nightmare started... I could not get the Z_Wave to start.
To start I did not understand the function of the dropdowns on the objects page. I would select the Z-Wave object and then I kept selecting "running" in the state dropdown thinking that was running the plug-in. This is totally wrong! You use the method dropdown to control the plug-in and the state should change accordingly. Once, I understood this troubleshooting was much easier...

Per the instructions in multiple places here, I plugged in my Z-Stick; verified the com port it was using then changed the setting in the property field of the Z-Wave object. Using the method dropdown I would select start and then I would monitor the "server logs" located on the web interface under the "logs."

I started with version 0.4.9 beta. This failed to run. after some reading I then tried 0.5.1a, 5.2a, 5.4a, 5.5a, 5.6a, 0.6.0b, 6.1b, 4.7b, and .4.8b. (what's with the version numbering anyway???) needless to say they all failed. I tried installing one version of the plug-in while replacing the config directory and other things... All to no success! Ready for what work???

The problem with 0.4.9b is that it is looking for a developer assembly that you won't have unless you install Visual Studio (VS)!!! I learned this by installing the OSA, MySQL, and the Z-Wave plug-in on my system that has VS already installed and in less than 15 min I was controlling a Z-Wave light. I then installed VS on the ole' laptop and viola the 0.4.9b (Newest) plug-in is running and OSA is now adding the devices loaded in the Z-Stick...

I then configured a couple of schedules that didn't run until I found the information in installation step 4 above.

Now, I have methods running based on schedules and events. Jabber sends me updates on changes to confirm things are getting triggered...

On to creating screens and having a user interface...

Hopefully with this post whomever does the install delivery can look at the release version and remove this little issue and anyone looking to install the newest will be able to avoid some of the major challenges I had...

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Re: Install Notes of OSA 0.4.8, MYSQL, and Z-Stick Gen5

#2 Post by kherron » Wed May 23, 2018 7:07 am


I know this post is several years old, and no one else has responded, I feel I need to say a few things here!

FIRST, I want to apologize for all the inconvenience and troubles you had setting up OSA.
Please keep this forum in mind should you need any help in the future, as we are here to solve these issues and make your experience much better.

Secondly, not to contradict you, but according to your information, your issues were with the "Plugin" and not with OSA itself.
I have to point out that this is an "OPEN SOURCE" project, with contributions from many different developers.
Also, the Not all "Plugins" are provided by the developers of "OSA", many are contributions made by it's users.

With that said, we are planning to start requiring the source code for all Plugins contributed by users so they can be maintained and supported by others if the developer becomes unavailable or no longer wants to support future upgrades. Not to say your issues was due to this, as we do have the source code for the Z-Wave plugin and try to keep in up-to-date with the latest versions.

Lastly, according to your information, you are running version 0.4.8 of OSA, but used the 0.4.9 version of the Z-Wave plugin.
As with most plugin based software, the plugin version can NOT be higher than the server version.
This was the reasoning for having to have VS installed, as the plugin had newer changes than the server.

Also, as far as the version numbers, at first we allows the plugin developers to set the plugin versions as they developed and upgraded their code. However, due to this issue and several others, we now request all developers to use the same version number as the OSA server used to develop the plugin. Should there be any patches or upgrades before a newer version of the server add the unique identifiers. (For example: 0.4.9A, 0.4.9B or,

Unfortunately, We have been stuck in a continuous update for the past 2 years, with changes and updates to ALL parts of the project code, and I feel most of your issue was due to you getting started right in the middle of it all. Again, I do apologize for that, and hope we have not discouraged any other user or yourself from using or trying OSA. We appreciate you sticking with it, and sharing your steps and observations, so other users will be able to get through their setup much easier.

We are getting VERY close to releasing 0.4.9. This new release has TONs of little changes and upgrades that will help users get setup along with MANY bug and feature fixes. Also, Please keep in mind you can always go to GitHub, and get the latest code of all the files, as we will update there as we make changes. We are also trying to get the Wiki pages updated to reflect all the changes and updates to insure there is a place where users can find the information needed to property install and setup all aspects of OSA.

Again, please let me know if I can help you in any way!

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