Jabber IDs

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Jabber IDs

#1 Post by Vaughn » Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:00 pm

Jabber seems to only work with these hashed ID's like:
Instead of the email address.

The real problem I ran into was when I first loaded and many of those addressed came in at once, I could not figure out who was who. I also did not like the fact that it created the new objects using that encrypted address.

I have not solved how to match up the private and pubic addresses, but I at least puled the proper name out of the roster and use it to create the new objects now. I aso modified the ogs to show the account name with the new address so you should be able to figure out who the addresses belongs to.

Here is my Jabber log on startup so you can see it find the Vaughn account, and create the other two.

01-20 17:53:14.08 DEBUG OSAE.Jabber.Jabber OnRosterEnd
01-20 17:53:14.07 INFO OSAE.Jabber.Jabber Updating JabberID for Bob OSAAcct
01-20 17:53:14.07 INFO OSAE.Jabber.Jabber Creating new Object Bob OSAAcct for 1x40gm6ab3t431loc4if4b2c6@public.talk.google.com
01-20 17:53:14.07 INFO OSAE.Jabber.Jabber Updating JabberID for Syndi OSA
01-20 17:53:14.06 INFO OSAE.Jabber.Jabber Creating new Object Syndi OSA for 12z9r6g4s24do0ows1gz0b5e6@public.talk.google.com
01-20 17:53:14.06 INFO OSAE.Jabber.Jabber Found Object Vaughn Rupp for 1a5meoiwkd18085ar1o82bvwn@public.talk.google.com
01-20 17:53:14.06 DEBUG OSAE.Jabber.Jabber OnRosterStart

Since that solves my issues, I will move on, but at some point it would be nice just to use my Jabber email address instead of that public jabber ID.

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