RFXCOM Plugin issues

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RFXCOM Plugin issues

#1 Post by isachris83 » Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:59 am


i've installed the new release of OSA (0.3.9) in order to use it with a RFXTRX controller and Temperature humidity sensor(THGR122NX). I found some problems which are listed below :

1. The event "temperature changed" is not implemented in the object type. This is maybe due to a syntax error in C:\Program Files\OSA\AddIns\RFXCOM\install.sql on line 30 :
"CALL osae_sp_object_type_event_add ('TEMPERATURE','Temperature Changed','TEMP HUM METERR');"

2. I can only get the temperature and not the humidity

3. the temperature is in Farenheit (I would like to get it in Celsuis)
4. The decimal separator is a comma. It makes a bug in the Analytics page of the web server because the comma is interpreted as a field separator in C:\Program Files\OSA\wwwroot\analytics.php on line 96 :
" echo '[new Date('.$row[0].', '.$row[1].', '.$row[2].', '.$row[3].', '.$row[4].'), '.$row[5].'], ';"
So the google visualization can't be displayed.

As attached : OSA Service.log

Best regards,

Christophe Maréchal (France)
OSAE Service.log
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Re: RFXCOM Plugin issues

#2 Post by bwoodworth » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:19 am

Welcome to OSA. Can you attach the RFXCOM log. Be sure to turn on Debugging in the Manager and have it run for a bit to make sure your sensor it sending notifications.

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