ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

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Re: ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#11 Post by ITguy » Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:15 am

Glad you got it working, Tracy.

Just to be clear for the sake of others who find this thread later - it is not required that you put values into all three groups in order to get the multisensor to report. As I said in my post above, if you change the value of parameter 101 to a value of 225 (decimal) [that's 11100001 in binary), that turns on all four of the optional sensors to report to group 1. You also must enter a value in parameter 111 for how often (in seconds) you want the sensor to report. If you leave this at zero, nothing will be reported, even if you've turned on all the sensors with parameter 101! This is exactly the way I have my multisensor set up in OSA, and it works just fine.

Putting the different sensors into different groups could be useful, however, if you wanted to report some of the sensors at different time intervals, since you can set a different reporting interval for each group. For example, if you only wanted to report the battery value once a day, you could do that by "turning on" the battery report in group 2, then having group 2 report only once daily.

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Re: ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#12 Post by Tracy » Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:45 pm

I thought I replied to this post this morning and now I don't see it. Maybe I dreamed it. Anyway....

I could not find a place to put in the 225 value you mentioned. I used the information in the attachment you posted to figure out what to do. I eventually added separate values for each group as listed in the previous post. I had to enter 00100000 in group 1 and the zvirtualscrenes converted my entry into 160. This entry enabled the temperature sensor. Once I placed the correct code in each group text box everything started working.

I also plugged the sensor in to a USB port to prevent the sensor from going to sleep. This made my trial and error process much easier.

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Re: ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#13 Post by ITguy » Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:14 pm


I just ran zVirtualScenes, and I can see why I confused you! I hadn't used ZVS for a long time, and had forgotten that they only show the parameter descriptions, not the parameter numbers that Aeon uses. If I had said:
"change the value of parameter 101 [shown in zVirtualScenes as "Set Group 1 Reports") to a value of 225, then press Enter to update the device"
would that have been more clear? I'm going to try and do a detailed Wiki section on setting up the multisensor, so any suggestions you have on how to make things easier to understand would be most welcome.

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Re: ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#14 Post by Sintei » Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:07 am

I am sorry, but I don't get how you guys are changing the parameter 101.
I'm using zvirtualscenes.
If I choose my aeon stick 2e and press the settings icon, there is no fields I can edit.
Under Values it shows ID Label, Value, Value type, R/O etc.
But none of these are editable.
Could you please explain more how you edit so the controller will pick up all sensors in my motion sensor (fibaro motion sensor with the cat eye thingie, v2.6)?

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Re: ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#15 Post by Maximo » Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:35 pm

Hey Sintei,

Looks like your post has been over looked. So let me see if I can help you. Firstly you'll need to connect your Multi Sensor to your computer with the USB cable so that it doesn't go to sleep. Then launch zvirtualscenes and find your Multi Sensor device, click on the settings button and select values. You'll find all the field there and can make the changes you require.

I hope that helps.



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Re: ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#16 Post by Sintei » Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:04 am


I do not have the USB one but nevertheless, I know how to keep my motion sensor awake.
However, I can change it to report now every "temperature change of 0.1degrees".
But I can for the life of me not set it to report it autmatically every 2 hours.
This number resets itself all the time.
I will tinker more at home, but for now, my sensor reports temperature when it changes 0.1C and that can be 4 times an hour or 1 time per 3 hours :)

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