ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

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ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#1 Post by Tracy » Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:19 am

I haven't done any work on my home automation in months. I still don't have time but I decided to pick it up and play for a bit. I noticed that there seems to be a new version of everything I have and instead of fighting the upgrade nightmare I'm start from scratch. I uninstalled OSA and installed the latest version which is 0.4.3 at the time of this post. After removing OSA, including the database, and installing 0.4.3 and letting it create the database I now have a fresh install. I downloaded and installed the latest web server and zwave plugin. Everything seems to be working fine. I gave the ZWAVE device the correct port number for my AEON stick then enabled the zwave plugin and expected it to do its thing. It added my Honeywell thermostat to the device list but nothing else. I disabled the plugin and checked the OZWForm and all my devices were there. It didn't detect my multisensor correctly but I expected that.

Here is where the world stopped. Everything in the forms is old information for ZWave stuff and trying troubleshoot from that information may make things worse. In the past all my devices were detected and I was off to the next step. After many hours of trying this and that I'm now posting in the forms before I part from OSA for good and move on to other options. I would rather spend my time setting things up instead of troubleshooting. I have done so much troubleshooting and configuring I finally removed everything and started from scratch again. My AEON stick is seen by OSA but now no devices at all are added to the device list.. I'm stopping here and waiting for suggestions... not really... I'm sure I'll be tinkering during my wait. In the past things just seem to work with OSA but now it feels like a beatdown.

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Re: ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#2 Post by dj-eon » Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:40 am

Hi Tracy.
Firstly, I'm surprised no one has replied to you yet. I'm guessing you either solved it yourself or moved onto something else.

If not, please read on.

I have a similar arrangement.
I also very recently re-installed OSA completely and used all the latest drivers.

Add the z-wave devices to your AEON stick first (you probably did this already).

Set the com port for it in z-wave. You will know when this is working as it will show you its HOME ID.
If you have this, OSA automatically creates devices. You should not need to add them manually.

You may need to set the z-wave stick 'OWNED BY' option to zwave in the object types (i'm not 100% certain about this).

Let me know how you go.

Best regards,

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Re: ZWAVE AEON Stick and Devices

#3 Post by Vaughn » Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:54 am

Definitley play around and try to get it working, but if you don't like upgrading, I would not put too much working into any graphical setups, etc. 044 is turning into a pretty big update, and I have redone most of the screen controls. I also heard that OpenZWave has finaly released v1.0 of their api after 5 years, so I think we should be looking at some good ZWave updates coming to OSA soon.

044 will be one of the OSA updates that actually helps users setup the system and makes things a little easier. I know there are still several steps that have to be automated to make it really easy that still have to be done though.

Like what dj-eon was mentioning about setting the Object_Type's owner... Each plugin should be figuring out how to do that automatically, and I have changed one or two, but we still need to make sure building and setting up the required Object_types is handled by default in Every plugin, etc.. It is just too much to expect new users to get concepts like that setting...


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