My Garage Door Project

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Re: My Garage Door Project

#11 Post by Humanzee » Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:39 pm

I ran the ds10a for a long time with my garage doors, I mounted the magnetic reed switches at the top of the door on the side. In this area, the rail for the door moves away from the frame, providing space to affix the magnet and sensor with screws, which I prefer, vs sticky tape. The DS10a's worked fine, but I eventually replaced them with the phidget 8/8/8. I figured since I was wiring the openers to the 8/8/8 I might as well pull more wire and do the sensors also, and eliminate the batteries from the loop.

+ I had adopted the strategy of having all exterior, perimeter doors hard wired, so as not to be concerned or less confident that maybe a signal from a sensor was missed due to low battery, or some stray radio interference misc, that could create a convoluted a signal.

The phidget has been perfect, no batteries, real time status, no worries.

Last summer I replaced the motor drive units for our garage doors as one had quit, and the other was 20+ years old. I selected some belt drive units from Chamberlain, which I got from Nice units, and they came with bells and whistles, laser parking assist etc. The one thing that they came with, which I though I would be excited about, was a wireless door sensor. It's a little fob thing that you stick to do the door, and an ac receiver that blinks green if the door is closed, or red if it is open. If you are considering getting those things as an add-on, save your money. I normally have the automation announce that the doors are open at 11pm, but I thought that it might be nice to have a visual queue in the den or kitchen, so as to alert you while watching tv etc. The receiver did not work reliably in either of those locations, or in the bedroom, or in the foyer so it has finally found a spot in an outlet nearest the garage door, which I have to go out of my way to view. Its a neat idea, but they have a horrible range, which makes them pointless for my purposes.

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