v048 preview video of Service and Plugin changes

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v048 preview video of Service and Plugin changes

#1 Post by Vaughn » Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:22 pm


Plugins install and work in the background the same as before. But more information was added to the plugins' properties to store information that was only available on the specific plugin pages before. Starting and Stopping of remote services and all plugins is now via standard OSA Methods. No code changes is required for this to work on plugins, but all plugins must have an ON/OFF method/state in place for the service to be able to handle this.

I am still tracking down some client service bugs, but all plugins should accurately report their state regardless of how they were stopped/started. This was not working very well in the past, and there are many scenarios to shutdown and I am still tracking them down, but it should be fairly accurate.

Sorry the video sound is still not good. I fixed a couple recording issues, but the fixes were so good that it was recording way too loud, which I tried to fix in editing rather than reshoot since it is just a technical video... Maybe next time I will finally get it right =)

Technical Notes for Developers and techies:
* Main service handles UDP Broadcasts.
* Command to start and stop remote services is received by the remote instance of Manager.exe on port 10052.
* Command to start and stop remote plugins is received by the remote Service.exe on port 10051.
* Can't have two listeners on the same port/computer so we are using an additional port now.
* You need to leave manager running on remote machine to handle this, but manager is a much simpler app now.


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