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Grammar Wiki added

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:18 pm
by Vaughn ... le=Grammar

This page contains all of the patterns used in OSA's automatic grammar. This way you can see what to expect it to recognize when conversing with it, especially without having to do any pattern work in OSA.

On a related note: The Grammar system is going to be added to Screens, so it can handle Text and Voice. This will save people from having to run the VR app on any machine that runs Screens. VR will still be its own app and you can turn it on and off on Screens depending on how you want to run your setup.

A new control will have to be made for screens for both voice and text input that will allow muting and typing.

Another advantage is Screens will already know who you are so you wont have to confirm your identity using voice, like in VR, which is a bit of a pain.