Advancement in how the System Responds to people.

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Advancement in how the System Responds to people.

#1 Post by Vaughn » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:49 am

OSA scripts use a parameter called FROMOBJECT, which would tell the script which plugin was calling it so it could respond. Now we pass a USER to the FROMOBJECT (mostly), and it checks for a property on the FROMOBJECT for a communication method. So now OSA replies to the Person directly, depending on how that Person wants to be communicated with.

Let me give you a simple and practical example.

I say "Hello" so the VR client changes Vaughn's communication method to "Speech". Now when the Greeting script runs it tell the system to respond to Vaughn, and Vaughn is using speech, so the output is routed to the Speech plugin. Then I say "Hello" in Jabber, Jabber changes my communication method to "Text" so the same greeting script sends me its reply in text and does not talk.

This is massive so no one hears a private or unneeded response because the speech program was talking when you are not even there to hear it. It will just send the message to one place that it knows you can receive it, or thinks so at least =) This also standardizes the response format, since Speech uses "Say" and Jabber uses "Send Message" for methods. By sending the message through the Person Object's methods, it will figure out the correct method for the plugin to use.

This is already in 046, But I forgot to code the Send From List option on the Person, and I just ran into that on the Time script, which is broken in 046 for this exact reason.

Anyways, as Brian can attest, I have wanted this auto routing system based on the recipient for YEARS, and I have to say, I am already so used to it and it really makes life nicer. I know OSA is no AI yet, but I loved on the show Eureka when he first got his smart house, he was ignoring it, so it called him on his cell phone at work. I love the routing of communications to find the user, although this is still in the early phases in OSA and only supports 2 plugins so far, if people like it, it can be expanded to SMS, TAPI, etc.


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Re: Advancement in how the System Responds to people.

#2 Post by fiveHellions » Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:43 am

Awesome work. This was definitely needed.

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